I'm Marc
I have worked in the Design field for more than 5 years. Now I’m working as Product Designer at OpenProject designing interactive experiences and digital products inside their open source project management application, website, documentation and branding.
I believe great product design comes from creating meaningful experiences with your team from all the phases of a product with user centred decisions.
Deutsche Bank Mobile Apple Pay
Reddot Brand & Comm. Design 2019
UX Design Awards
Deutsche Bank Mobile
financial UX
International Design Center UX 2018 awards
Best Atos Iberia working colleague
1st place at 2017
2nd place at 2018
OpenProject GmbH  2021 - Actuality
Senior Product Designer (UX-UI)
Working as a Product designer for the open source project management application in a team of 2 designers and in close relation with the business and development teams. Focused into improving the user experience in project management while improving the interface and creating a design system for the company.
DesignLab  2020 - Actuality
UX-UI Design Mentor
Mentoring design students (beginners to advanced) through this online short courses: UI Design, UX Research & Strategy and Design 101.
Neugelb Studios GmbH  2020 - 2021
Senior Product Designer
Working as a Product designer in the mobile app department with a multidisciplinary team focused into improving the user experience in banking and non-banking products.
Atos Germany  2019 - 2020
Senior UX-UI Designer
Working as a UI Designer Specialist client based at Deutsche Bank Mobile.
Building team workshops to define DesignOps methodologies and strategies to create design systems and building the UX-UI team.
Deutsche Bank Mobile  2018 - 2020
UX-UI Designer Consultant
Working as a UX-UI Designer Specialist in the Deutsche Bank Mobile app with a focus in the visual design and helping the UX Designers in the creation of user-centered decisions.
Organizing the team in a DesignOps perspective to have an organized structure and methods to become a trending and effective team.
Worldline Iberia  2016 - 2019
UX-UI Designer
Worked as a Product Designer inside a team developing projects from discovery to delivery and iteration for the consultancy company.
Became a Native Design Specialist in booth platforms, Android/iOS and Angular Material.
Worked one year and a half as trainee studying and analyzing native design.
CSYS Mould / Moldes Adonai  2014 - 2015
3D Industrial Designer
Worked as a Industrial Designer specialized in plastic moulds and plastic components design.
3D Modeler and renderer for technical and presentation proposals.